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I am so excited!!! I found my calling... This California Homeless Resources thing is going to be huge! God is placing all the right people in my life and my talents are matching up with Gods will and that my friends is a very powerful thing. I have so much more clarity now. I will be blogging everyday on the progress of the California Homeless Resources site. I will be blogging daily because it is starting to drive more and more website traffic. I don't want to "toot my own horn" I want the friends that are involved with this movement to be up to date on what is going one. Kinda like a daily newsletter. The more I use the word Homeless in this blog the better it will be for people to see the blog and then to help the cause. I need traffic to the Blog so please everyone spread the word to please follow the blog so that people will see that people have an interest in helping the homeless. 

I am excited to report:
  • We are having people come to the site via Google and looking up their particular City for resources. Just today we had people visiting the site from Hayward Ca., Huntington Beach, and Roseville Ca. 
  • We have another person (I will leave names out) donate warm clothing, etc... and offer to go with me to pass things out. She also played it forward and is trying to get more donations from like 20+ other people. THANK YOU!!!
  • My Friend John has given me some local numbers - One in Palm Springs Ca. and one in Riverside Ca. to call and try to get some grants for opening shelters in all of California.
  •  I bought some 5X7 Camo tarps, gloves, beanies to pass out today and passed out another 1/4 of the $100.00 bought yesterday from another friend. 
  • Went to Burlington Coat Factory and put a call in to the manager to try and get some warm cloths for Ventura.  
  • Got to give my nice sleeping bag to a pregnant woman with two dogs. This was a gal that was referred to me by another friend. Keeping names out for now.. THANK YOU....
  • Spoke to my good friend of 16 years John and he gave me some more info. 
  • I learned that wrapping (packages) up for people when I drive by was a good thing to do. If you see someone on the corner you can just hand it out real fast. 
  • I visited a "campsite" a guy and his girl were camping for 3 years and they were very grateful for the "Package" Out of work for 3 years - Construction.. 
  • Another friend gave me resources for San Diego! THANK YOU! She also gave me some great ideas.. :)
  • I will add at least one more City tonight to the site and I will also add Red Cross Listings for every City thus far.
I will continue to do this daily report for the special friends that are helping me with this. Please comment on this blog and subscribe so we can get more people to follow. Spread the word... :) What do you guys think of the new blog design? I made it simple and white so people could read it easier. Let me know what you think?


  1. I too have recently been called to aide our communities homeless. I have been gathering and raising funds to supply tarps, thermals, gloves, ponchos, and feminie products. It has been awesome to see God's work in this.

  2. Thanks Julie for your work with the homeless! It will be rewarded that is for sure.. Have a wonderful day and thanks for the comment. :)

  3. Hi, I have been using your website for referral purposes, but the website is not working. Is there another place that I can go to look at the list of programs? thank you so very much.


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