California Homeless Resources 12-10-12

Homeless in Minneapolis

New Business (What has been accomplished today):
  • I Listed 2 more Cities and their resources
  • Picked up more cloths to pass out.
  • FYI - Spoke to my friend John (works for County Homeless Program) and said that he showed the website to a couple co-workers and they said that the County could make use of this website as well. Exciting because if they say they can use it then this tells us that we can get very broad support and traffic to the site. 
  • Another side note:  I got a e-mail for one of my art urns today. He saw the site and wanted to buy an urn. This is also a very good sign that we will be able to get some great traffic to the site and I will be eventually able to make and sell art urns for the benefit of this program and donate 100% of the proceeds
Status on Federal Funding:
  • We obtained a Grant Writer! I spoke to one of my good friends about California Homeless Resources and she said that she would be willing to write the grant for us to do this full time and retain the moneys to open shelters in every City in California.
Status on my deliveries:
  • No deliveries today
New Ideas to Implement:
  • Stop buying toilet Paper... I don't think we need much more. I would like to focus on putting together small "gift Packages" with say 5-8 items in them to hand out. 
  • I would like to have a "make a sandwich day" this next week maybe sometime. My friend said that she used to get inexpensive meats, breads, etc... or have them donated and then  put together some fresh sandwich's for people and maybe some fruit.
Supplies Needed:

  • Energy Bars
  • Warm Cloths
  • Small items for "Gift Packages"

Volunteer Activities Needed:

  • Need someone to get local Corporate support by going to local business's and asking them if we can place a box and a flyer for donations in the establishment. Then go collect the items once or twice a week. 
Hot Spot Homeless Hubs:
·                     Rite Aid  on Main Street in Ventura
·                     Aloha Restaurant California Street
·                     Ralphs - By LA Fitness/By Harbor Freight-99 Cent Store
·                     Seaward all the way down to the beach
·                     Ventura park 
·                     Oxnard downtown Go to meeting by 6th and D Street

Organizations supporting California Homeless Resources:

Thanks, me :)