California Homeless Resources 12-11-11

California Homeless Resources 12-11-11

New Business (What has been accomplished today):
  • I added Angels Camp to the Website and other celebs - Etc...
  • I also added a donations page. If you have any thoughts or spelling corrections please feel free to let me know.. :)
  • Organized van from previous days donations. 
  • Blogged about Kid Rock and wanting his support. Will call them next week as well. 
  • Re-Typed the Flyer's for Freebirds and going to drop off toys and sweaters to the donation box tomorrow to support them. 
  • Going to a SEO Meeting tomorrow in Santa Barbara to learn how to gain more web traffic. 
  • Going to a an H&I (Hospitals and Institutions) meeting as well at 6:00PM in Santa Barbara to be the person in charge for the KCB group for Goleta. This works right into my work with California Homeless Resources in that I will be bringing AA Meetings to the hospitals and institutions so when I am there I can advertise the website and try and be of service. 
  • I added three stars in the Tattoo industry - Ami James (New York ink), Chris Garver (Awesome Tattoo Artist), and the one and only Ed Hardy. I am hoping to get some support from these individuals to help us get the Website out tot he Tattoo Community.  I will be e-mailing and placing calls into them for help. 

Thank you!
  • To Lisa for a bunch of brand new sweaters and jackets!
  • To Christine for 12 pair of really nice warm socks!

Status on Federal Funding:
  • Going to call and try and get some information to start to get the grant letter going with Romona on Friday next week. 

Status on my deliveries:
  •  Non today. I am trying to go like 2-3 times a week right now. 

New Ideas to Implement:
  • Give me some???

Supplies Needed:
  • Warms cloths of all kinds, Food products that will keep for some time, and products like:  Feminine Products, Camo 5X7 Tarps (not blue ones), Small Bottles of Soap and Lotion, Small Flash Lights.

Volunteer Activities Needed:
  • Need someone to volunteer to go get support form local businesses and let us put a nice large box with a small flyer by it somewhere in there place of business to collect cloths, etc… Someone that would be willing to pick up these items once per week as well. 

Hot Spot Homeless Hubs:Organizations supporting California Homeless Resources:

  • Rite Aid  on Main Street in Ventura
  • Aloha Restaurant California Street
  • Ralphs - By LA Fitness/By Harbor Freight-99 Cent Store
  • Seaward all the way down to the beach
  • Ventura park 
  • Oxnard downtown Go to meeting by 6th and D Street
This is a current picture of the supplies in the van :)