California Homeless Resources 12-9-12

New Business (What has been accomplished today):
  • I worked hard on setting up the outline of the business for a couple hours early this morning. Basically writing this blog and setting it up in a format that will be used daily to keep everyone up to date on the activities of California Homeless Resources
  • I will be ordering new business cards that have the California Homeless Resources name on them

Status on Federal Funding:


Status on my deliveries to the homeless on the streets of Ventura/Santa Barbara:
I am waiting to have some more stuff to go out again. Please call, e-mail, text, Facebook, etc… me and get some stuff to me to pass out please. 

List Ideas to Implement:
  • If we could profile or feature a willing person to tell their story and hear about their dreams, current needs and if they have any skills. Something that you may be able to pass off to a potential employer 
  • and for people in the group to possibly help or in the least be able to pray for them by name and what they are needing at that moment.
  • Need to list phone number address of the post office or UPS store listed so people can be homeless and still either have a mailing address or way to be contacted. This is important for applying for a job.
  • Safe Parking Program - Great way to find homeless people. I can visit the places that the City has designated to use for the "Safe Parking Program" and deliver to them at night
  • Insert boxes and displays to local places to get donations! We need as driver to pick up donations weekly and get them to me/the van to pass out.

List of Volunteer Activities Needed:
  • Need someone to volunteer to make displays for local businesses. We need large boxes that are decorated nicely to put into the establishment. Also to make the rounds and pick the donations up once per week and deliver them to my van. I can’t use the van to make the runs (10 miles to the gal.) Need to save the van for distributing directly to the homeless.
  • Find a source that will donate or sell us duffel bags all sizes at cost
  • See if a major hotel can donate little soaps
  • Someone to write a letter for the donation box (I will work on this too)
  • Someone to write a letter for Social Networking advertisement and to send to local news organizations via mass e-mail
List of Supplies Needed:
  • Would be great of someone had a copier to donate use to pass out this information you have as some people who are not familiar with computers or where to use them. 
  • I will be putting together "Gift Packages" that can be handed out of the van if I see someone on the rode. This is also a good thing to do to organize the handouts for large groups of people. I make packages and then put the cold gear like jackets, blankets, scarfs, gloves etc... in the van in the back so I can hand them out individually. 
  • Warm Things!
  • Socks
  • Gloves
  • Jackets
  • Bennie's/Ear Muffs
  • Blankets
  • Sleeping bags
  • Food
  • 99 Cent store has great deals on trail mix bars - 6 for $1.00 or 30 in a box for $5.00
  • Peanut butter (small containers at the 99 cent store) (protein)
  • Pretzels - (cheep to go with peanut butter)
  • Anything small that I can include in "Gift Packages" to hand out.
  • Products
  • Feminine products
  • Soap and lotion (small bottles)
  • 5X7 Tarps - Camo (not the bright blue kind)
  • Toilet Paper
  • Flash Lights - Small ones so they can put them in there mouth to use both hands
List of local areas we are distributing to: (Let Matt go with the van as it is unsafe to go alone if you are a woman).

  • Rite Aid  on Main Street in Ventura
  • Aloha Restaurant California Street
  • Ralphs - By LA Fitness/By Harbor Freight-99 Cent Store
  • Seaward all the way down to the beach
  • Ventura park 
  • Oxnard downtown Go to meeting by 6th and D Street
List of local celebrities we want Involved:
  •  Laura Schlessinger  
  • Dennis Miller
  • Jonothan Winters
  • Oprah Winfrey 
  • Jackson Browne & Rob Lowe
  • Snoop dogg
  • Ellen Degeneres
  • Al Gore
  • T.C. Boyle
  • Chritopher Loyd
  • Julia dreyfus (lorraine from seinfeild)
List of local Organizations supporting California Homeless Resources:

Local Publications Possible (Sponsors)
ABC Channel 7 for there $500.00 pay it forward program! - Thank you wonderful person for telling us about this source!!! :) I have a call into the person to see about it.

Thanks, Me :)