California Homeless Resources

Hi Guys,
My friend suggested we get some goals together and I think this is great! I will write down some of my thoughts here and everyone please respond via Facebook for now OK. 
My Thoughts...

First, we need to find a good TIME efficient way for us/me as facilitator all to communicate. I think the Blog/Facebook will be the answer. I want to be able to use peoples names cuz we need to work together. Maybe just first names and last initial? I want to be the facilitator cuz I have the most available time and can publish on the web, etc.... For now lets use the comments on Facebook to correspond and if anyone has a better idea let us know. I will be compiling every one's notes/input from the comments pages of my Facebook and compiling them all into a results orientated update daily on the blog every night so everyone can stay up to date on this movement. I will date each blog so that you can type the date into the blogger search tool and find whatever day you want to keep in the loop. It will be vital to keep this as organized as possible. We have 14 days left to our first goal and that is to get as much warm stuff and food to the homeless before December 21st the longest coldest day of the year. Please everyone lets network and get this movement out to everyone we can. 

1st goal:  Lets compose letter/flyer to attract people to the movement referred to as - (California Homeless Resources). Who is a good letter writer? (I am not) This letter will go to everyone so it should be well thought out. 

2nd Goal:  Let's outline people and what the best use of talents are and how they can best serve the movement. For example:  My place in the movement will be to work 8+ hours a day and to 1. Publish your ideas to the website 2. Facilitate through a daily blog everyone's ideas. 3. To make the runs with my van. 4. whatever... :) I am good at business as a whole and organization. What are you especially good at?

3rd Goal:  This should be number one, FILL THE VAN UP TO THE BRIM WITH WARM CLOTHS AND FOOD AND DISTRIBUTE ASAP! I am getting to know the people already and the locations. We need to all work together on this and keep our eyes peeled and update everyone on "location" for the local VenturaSanta Barbara areas. We have an extended 1990 Ford econo line van ready to fill up!

4th goal:  To get federal funding so that I can continue to facilitate full time for the movement! Without time we are screwed. I am on Temp. disability until June 1 2102. I am making good money and can and will devote 8+ hours a day to this. I am going to be taking my Real Estate lic. but that should only take a couple hours a day.  I am willing to devote full time and try to get this thing off the ground in the next couple of months. We only have I would say till about March 1, 2012 to utilize my full time status. After March if we don't get the grants to continue the movement I will have to spend full time looking for a job. I am taking a risk by waiting this long but I think God will take of the rest... :) So lets get government funding!!! I am excellent on the phone and will do my best to try and obtain this. The long term goal through next year is to make sure every City in California has a viable Homeless Shelter! The State has a ton of grant money ready to be utilized. 

5th Goal: Need a mission Statement and to update the website to get a clear concise message to the viewers (possible donations).  We need to publish these goals on the site as well to give people a clear understanding on what we are doing. 

6h Goal: Spread the word via social networking on-line through Facebook and Twitter, etc.. and also through whatever means we can think of. Let’s think local Ventura for now as far as the driving and possibly expand to Santa Barbara.

7th Goal:  Establish ourselves as a viable organization locally.  We need to go to local meetings with the homeless shelters, etc… to see whereCaliforniaHomeless Resources can be of best service.

New Business:
We got local business support!!! 

Thank you FREEBIRDS - The best burrito EVER!!!
Freebirds has agreed to place a station for the movement in the front lobby and get some warm cloths and food for local homeless. They are super cool and I am so happy about this. 
  • Please give me permission or not to use your name(s) in my correspondence. I will be starting a "mastermind list" of everyone involved in this movement. 
  • Who would like to get together and maybe set up a weekly meeting at a Denny's or something?
  • I gave to 4 "campers today on the way to my AA Meeting. I also made an announcement in the meeting of what the movement is and to please help us fill up the van. Very good response and I should be getting some good stuff. 
  • Updated the site and put FREEBIRDS on it. Also asked for donations locally. Again, anytime you want give whatever input on the site - wording/graphics, etc...?
  • Took the boob pics off of the website/blog because I heard it was lame.. ;( I understand...
  • Will spend the rest of the day updating and adding Cities to the site. I need to get this finished so that we can start to get links and start to advertise a product for people to utilize by City.

Thank you for your support, Matt :)