CNN Heros - Kid Rock is Getting Mad Props!

I just ran across my favorite artist on my Facebook page this morning - Kid Rock. I saw an add that he was going to be on CNN Heros tonight. I love that show and would maybe someday like to get some publicity for California Homeless Resources from CNN/Kid Rock. Check out Kid Rocks websiteand his Foundation.  Kid Rock is giving 100% of his Ryman Auditorium concert proceeds to local Nashville Charities. Kid Rock is really getting on the map for charitable giving! I am going to send an e-mail this morning to his website and give them a call on Monday as well. I would love to be involved in this new work he is doing and maybe he can help California Homeless Resources in some way. Please watch the show on  CNN tonight and lets see what else Kid Rock does for this Country. 

Kid Rock - Care (Feat. Martina McBride & T.I)

Nebraska Country Music Foundation

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