DJ - Dying of Pancreatic Cancer has 1-6 months to live

42 Years Sober!
Just got out of prison yesterday since 1969 (Liked to rob banks)
Got released because he is dying from Pancreatic Cancer. 

I want to preface this blog post with stating that DJ Gave me permission to break his anonymity, thus allowing me to take this picture and write in my own words a little about his story. 

I met DJ yesterday in a AA Meeting in Oxnard Ca. at 12:00PM. He was the second one to share and it was the most powerful "share" that I have ever heard siting in the rooms of AA - Alcoholics AnonymousI have been going to AA now for 16 years and this just blew my mind. When he went to go to the bathroom after he shared, I got up and chased him down the hall to find out more. I ended up driving DJ to a local motel in Oxnard, buying him some Robitussin for his bad cough and some lunch, then spending the rest of the day finding out what I could do for him. I feel responsible to DJ to act on his behalf right now. I believe God puts people in your life for a reason sometimes and this is one of those times. He has a hard time hearing and can't make the calls necessary to round up housing for himself, etc..  

I will try and document the best way I can what I heard from DJ Yesterday to just give you a sense of the share and tell you a little bit of his story. DJ has 42 years of sobriety, he got sober in prison. He entered San Quentin for robbing banks in 1969. He just got released the day before yesterday 12/12/11. He spent the first night at the bus station in Oxnard freezing because he did not know where to go, being in society for the first time in 42 years must have been a real trip! He called AA Central Office the next day and found a meeting 3 blocks away where I met him.  He only has 1 to 6 months to live. He is dying of Pancreatic Cancer. About 3 months ago he was throwing up a lot of blood when he started to cough. They took him to the informatory and diagnosed him with terminal Pancreatic Cancer. He told of rooms with 250 to 300 inmates siting down for an AA meeting. He said that if you want to get sober and you are ready you can get sober anywhere. DJ spoke for about 10 minutes giving his experience, strength and hope. Keep in mind that DJ was not trying to sell me or anyone on giving him anything he just wanted to take a warm shower without anyone watching and watch TV... When I took him to the Motel he was telling me of his "Bucket List". BTW DJ only has a backpack with a laptop someone gave him and some cloths. He studied computers in prison and loves to write.They told him to write a bucket list after he got out and to focus on this. I will also document this in detail later so that I can help him accomplish this Bucket List before he passes. He wants some computer game like "Call of Duty" and he also said that he would love to see Knots Berry Farm. He is a good guy and I will try my best to help him stay off the streets I hope you guys will help me too. 

I got a crash course yesterday in finding out all of the information on the available resources for Ventura/Oxnard! I spent 3 hours on the phone and went to every shelter we have. I made some great contacts and I will be listing them on the California Homeless Resources website for everyone to utilize. 

I am going right now to pick up DJ and to try and find him some resources so that he can stay of the streets! If you want to support DJ and help him die with dignity like I do please contact me ASAP at:
Phone:  805-765-1113
Thank you!!! :)