Giving out stuff at Rite Aid in Ventura Ca.

I finally got the van organized and I am so pleased with it. I made a trip tonight to Rid Aid in Ventura and I got to give away a lot of stuff. It felt great helping so many people again at this location that seems to have a never ending stream of people in need. Every time I go there I find more NEW people, like tonight some guy (real nice) was straight out of jail and did not have a place to stay or even a blanket. We were able to hook him up with a blanket, pillow, shirts, bars, etc... Some real nice lady came over and need some socks and soaps. Another guy needed a tarp. We were able to feed some pets (4 dogs) - the dog food was great! The jeans were a big hit again. Thank you all!!!

We now have enough cloths for a while. What I need at this point:
  • Socks
  • Gloves
  • Beanies
  • Scarfs
  • More Blankets/Sleeping bags
  • Cat/Dog food
  • People food

I want to thank the fallowing people below from the bottom of my heart:
  • Ellen - Thank you so much for those robes, blankets, cookies, cloths, etc... They really came in handy tonight and I love the robe by the way... 
  • Michelle for the 5 big bags of cloths and shoes, etc... 
  • The Red Head... Thanks for seeing me today and giving me stuff (dog food)!!!
  • Lisa gave a whole lot of stuff as well - Thank you!!!
  • Steve - Thank you for the cooler and the cloths!!!
  • Chip thank you for the clothes!
Until the next run... :)