Being Homeless is a Crime in Sacramento California

I saw this moving video on my Facebook wall yesterday. I am so inspired to help the homeless right now! It is a great feeling to have such a strong purpose. It makes me feel like I am doing my art again and that I can possibly do some good with my energies. This video is frustrating, sad, and really just pisses me off. I have never been a big fan of Sacramento. I just think the City especially is gross. I guess there are nice parts of Sacramento just like any other place I just have not seen them personally. 

1400 A St # B
(916) 448-5507

Family Promise of Sacramento
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321 North 12th Street
(916) 443-3107
2230 9th Street
(916) 448-7391

Volunteers at Sacramento Loaves & Fishes

Our Philosophy

Our PhilosophyWithout passing judgment, and in a spirit of love and hospitality, Loaves & Fishes feeds the hungry and shelters the homeless. We provide an oasis of welcome, safety, and cleanliness for homeless men, women and children seeking survival services.
Founded in 1983, we are governed by a board of directors selected from Loaves & Fishes and from the community-at-large – people who have demonstrated compassion and concern about the needs of the homeless and the indigent poor.
We recognize the dignity and spiritual destiny of each person, and hope by our attitude of hospitality and love, to nourish not only the physical needs of those who come to Loaves & Fishes, but also their spiritual need for love, acceptance, respect, and friendship.
We serve each person with the belief that "as often as you did it for one of my least brothers and sisters, you did it for me." (Matthew 25:40)

No Government Money

Loaves & Fishes is a private charity; it neither solicits nor accepts government money, but relies solely on private donations to support its work of feeding the hungry and sheltering the homeless.
Why we don't accept government funds

An Open Invitation To Visit

Those who wish to tour Loaves & Fishes, are welcome to join us every Thursday at 10am for our volunteer orientation. Please call our volunteer coordinator at 916-637-2444 to reserve a spot at the orientation.

Site Location

Loaves & Fishes is located in the Richards Boulevard area, just north of downtown Sacramento, at the corner of North 12th St. and North C St. The street address is: 1321 North C. St. The mailing address is: P.O. Box 2161, Sacramento, CA 95812.

Volunteer at Loaves & Fishes

More than 1,000 volunteers from the Sacramento region come to Loaves & Fishes during the course of a month to help feed the hungry and shelter the homeless. Because of the amount of hands-on labor needed to prepare, cook, and serve a daily noontime meal sufficiently large to feed more than 500 hungry people, most of the volunteers work in the Dining Room. Some other volunteer opportunities are on our Thank You letter Committe, teachers assistant at Mustard Seed School, or helping at the service desk in Friendship Park. Some volunteers sign up for one day-a-month, some every week, and some just once a year.

Learn First Hand About Loaves & Fishes

Every Thursday at 10:00 AM, the Volunteer Coordinator gives a volunteer orientation. The orientation will give you a brief introduction to how you can help at Loaves & Fishes and is by appointment only so please call us at 916-637-2444 to reserve a spot. Spacing is limited, so call well in advance.
The orientations are held at Loaves & Fishes, 1321 North C Street, Sacramento, CA 95811. Get Directions
Free parking is available on-site. Please arrive before the scheduled start-time as there is a lot of ground to cover."
For volunteer information contact Sandy our Volunteer Coordinator Monday through Thursday 9:00am to 2:00pm: Phone: 916-446-0874. Email: