"The Dude" Homeless is Santa Barbara

I was able to help at least one person today with California Homeless Resources. "This dude" (forgot his name) was so cool.. he made my morning. I did not have to much stuff but did have some jeans and t-shirts for him. I asked him a little about himself and he said that he has been on the streets of Santa Barbara now for about 2 years after he got discharged from the Military. 

It was kind of odd cuz he had the eyes of my friend Chris. It kind of made me sad at the end of our meeting cuz he gave me this stare that went through me. My brother Chris died of Alcoholism about 3 years ago or so. I miss him deeply. I still talk to his Mom and Sister and would like to visit them.

Anyway, "The Dude" was helped today because of donations like yours - THANK YOU!!! Please call or e-mail and donate some stuff to help the homeless.