Exploiting Homeless

I wanted to do a brief Blog Post on the exploitation of Homeless people as well.  A thought entered my mind last night that I may be doing this tomorrow and that I better ask some peoples opinions on this before I go out. The Ventura County Star is supposed to go with me tomorrow and take some pictures of me handing things out to the homeless. I said yes and was excited about it because it would bring attention to the cause I am trying to get started - California Homeless Resources. Last night after I posted a blog about the homeless video game that someone had made and some people said that it was exploiting I thought man I don't want this to happen when  I take the news media with me tomorrow to the streets of Ventura. I have recently taken pictures for the website and posted them with permission of course because I found out recently the VALUE of being able to get attention through photos and not just talking about it. The comments on Facebook I was getting every time I would post a homeless picture that is why I post a image on every page in the site, including this blog post. I just don't want the people to feel uncomfortable with me having someone there taking pics but I guess the best I can do is just be honest and ask them if they mind like I have before. Any suggestions on how I could better go about this would be great as I am new to helping homeless and want to draw on the experience of others. 
Thanks again, Matt :)