Frustrating: Two Schools of Thought!

OMG! I am so frustrated after getting off the phone with someone that is supposed to be there to help people!!!

This person was going on and on about Alcoholics spending tax payer money and just drinking up the help she tries to give them, etc... This conversation really "enlightened me" about what I don't want to become in this new passion of mine "helping people" 

My friend that is works for Starbucks tells her employees at the end of the day "we just make coffee" I felt like saying to her that "we just help people" Jesus Christ people get jaded after doing this I guess and I can understand that but boy what a joy killer.. She made me re-think what I was doing that brought so many smiles to peoples faces and makes me feel so good and I don't like that!

So the topic of this blog is:  Two Schools of Thought!
I would like to know your opinion on this topic as I am still learning about working with the homeless, etc... OK I will outline the two basic schools of thought (as I see it for now) below:

1. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. 
Basically what she was talking about. They "Choose" to live on the streets. She even went so far as to say that most of the Veterans have PTSD anyway and they prefer to stay outside. :( Fuck that is what I say, I have met plenty that don't want to live in the fucken bushes.. 

2. You can buy a man a fish or you can teach the man to fish.
This is what got me when I was talking to her cuz she kept saying things like this is a really hard community of people to serve, etc... cuz "they" are mostly addicts that will use the money to buy drugs/smokes. I told her, I am the 40 year old professional that can't find work right now due to the economy that just had to "Camp" for 6 months. Their is going to be a need for this, she just kept going on about how people abuse the system. 

My idea of having a fleet of vans going to the streets in California is a good idea I think. I also think having one centralized place to find all the services in your area is vital as well. So I am not going to let some hag bring me down...  I also think that it could be managed wrong just like every other plan of action to help the homeless. You could drive to an area every day and give them food, medical and clothing, etc... or you could drive to other areas and help unique people every time out. The later is my vision. 

This persons negative input was:
1. You are going to duplicate efforts already in place here in this area. 
2. You will never get the proper funding and you will struggle to pay yourself. 
3. You would be better off applying for a different kind of job or something where you can make more money.

So if you guys have any input - Go for it!
Matt :)