First California Homeless Resource Newsletter - Clean House Trust God and be of Service...

I titled this Blog Post Clean House Trust God and be of Service because that is what keeps ringing through my mind as I go and try to be the best conduit for Gods will I can be. It is a AA Saying and it really sums up a lot about what we are supposed to do. It is one of the many AA slogans that run through my head all day but this one is really sticking out. 

I want to give a super shout out to some of the wonderful people that have helped California Homeless Resources this month. Thank you so much!

Sheila and Stephen for getting 15 BLANKETS!!! WOW that really is in need and I already know who we can give them to. 

Carol Ann for helping me re-design the website and make it much more streamline.. Work in progress... 

Robin for offering me to come pick oranges to pass out!!! :)

Cynthia sent me one of the best books I have ever read! "Start Something That Matters" by Blake Mycoskie. I totally recommend this book and I so appreciate you! :)

Faith for helping me pass out items this week in Oxnard :) could not have done that without you :)

Darcee for providing some wonderful resources for Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. 

Jeff for meeting with me and sharing his wisdom about Santa Barbara Homeless needs. Also for the Common Ground Meeitng we ad this month. GREAT meeting and I want to support this movement as much as possible.

Michelle H. for all of her donations that she has given this month! WOW she has organized all sorts of people to give to her and then she has given to me to hand out, this was totally fantastic and helped a whole lot of people this month ;)

Jill at the Rescue Mission for helping me pass out soaps and soon to be blankets to her people. 

Guermo at Harbor Church for taking donations and introducing me to David at Open Embrace. They do some wonderful work with the people here locally. Harbor lets people take showers, feeds people every day, lets people do laundry, passes out needed items - clothing, food, etc... and even picks people up and brings them to church! Love this place!

Jill and Jane:  WOW what wonderful running shoes I was able to pass out along with all the other donations. Thanks!!!

John at Four Season Hotels and Resorts in Santa Barbara for a TON of Soaps, Lotions, Shampoos, etc... He is also giving us weekly donations to pick up every Friday! This will help all the homeless shelters here in the area so much Thanks John! :)

 Their are so many more great people that donated things I just can't remember everything (feel bad) but THANK YOU too! 

What we have accomplished thanks to YOU! 

I delivered all the Soaps/Lotions/Shampoos to FOUR shelters today, got rid of all of them in four trips. We were able to give to: Rescue Mission, Casa Esperanza, Catholic Charities, and The Ventura Warming Shelter!!! Oh and Harbor Church as well :) 

Mobile outreach:  Was totally successful this month I made about 10 trips out to the streets of Ventura and Santa Barbara I was able to give out your donations of blankets, warn jackets, medical kits, etc...   

Some Pictures of people we were able to help this month

Jill and Jane donated a number of running shoes almost new! This one story of a gal that was wearing flip flops was so touching.  She was soooo grateful for the shoes. She was wearing flip flops and had a problem walking and I was able to hook her up with some awesome shoes - Thanks guys!

Things we are in need of this month:

  • Ventura Warming Shelter needs men's under ware!
  • Rescue Mission needs about 40 more blankets.
  • I need the items listed here in the websiteYou can get most items at the 99 Cent Sore and I now have 2 drop off locations. 1. 7:00PM Mondays in Ventura at the Barnes and Noble (Look for the white 1995 Ford Van) and Fridays in Goleta at the Goleta Valley Community Center at 12:00PM. 
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