Going back in the Van... "Urnan Survival"

Well, I am going back into the Van and back to the "Good land" Goleta Ca. I love it there and actually this is the best decision for me right now. I am moving into the van on the first of April. I will be getting a Mr. Heater and or a electric Blanket.. The blanket is cool cuz it plugs into your cig lighter. 

This is going to be a great move and I am going to try and get the ceramics biz off the ground by either getting a Corp. Sponsor to put me into a Tattoo Shop or getting Vocational Rehab to buy all the major equipment back and help me get into biz again. I just got another order today for one of my Tiger Urns. It really pisses me off because I hate to receive calls to make a urn for $375.00 when I can't make them, kinda like seeing a big fat juicy steak and not being able to eat it. 

I have some health crapola going on too and you can't beat the FREE County health care Santa Barbara has.. Or in my case right now the medical bills they are allowing me to continue to rack up and still treat me.. ;)  I have faith dammit and I know God is going to bless me with some very cool shit, very soon! Actually he already has.. A great van that runs good and the money to trick it out so I don't have to sleep in the bushes or a shelter (for a while at least).. ;) I can still be a productive member of society as well and continue to work on California Homeless Resources and finish the site in a few months. This may be able to finance the art biz as well in the near future. 

You never know what tomorrow will bring and it is an exciting adventure and I am reminded of the song by Kid Rock "Times Like These". It is times like these we must embrace.. It makes us who we are in times like these. I am going to Goleta and going to make my dream happen - NO Matter what. I have decided and it feels good, no great to decide to do something that is being true to yourself and what you and your soul needs to do. 

I have given all of the rest of the donations that were in the van to the Harbor Church. I have found in the short time I have been here in Ventura that these people and this organization does some incredible work for the Ventura Homeless. I have updated the websites donation page with this new information. I will no longer be picking up donations ion Ventura only in Goleta form this point on. 
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