Going back into the van for the third time...

I must like living in a van (I do). It is the way I can get to the Central Coast of California or at least the place I love to be (Goleta). The saying is "Goleta the the Goodland" and I want to die there. I am going back for the last time. I will make it this time and will NOT be coming back to Southern Ca. I left 6 months ago because I needed to try my ceramics business one more time here in So. Ca. I thought... The big lesson is:  BE TRUE TO YOURSELF and LOCATION/ LOCATION/ LOCATION. Last year when I was living in a van and lost everything it was not by choice to begin with. I could not find a job and had to experience homelessness and I am glad I went through it now. I got to make California Homeless Resources which to date is my largest personal accomplishment. Now I know how to do it so it is not scary but good.. Nothing better that having all your shit with ya and your cat to go down to the ocean and have a chicken taco and take a nap with the ocean right in front of you. :) :) Pure bliss.. 

So I have just purchased this new home a 1990 Ford Econo-Line Van. Same year as my last one but this one has insulation (warmmmmmmer).  No freezing my ass of this time! Never said I was the sharpest tool in the shed but I do learn eventually.. 

Had to have the carpet guy clean the whole van it was pretty gross.. I also had the window guy out to fix the wind wing... 

I am loosing everything ($8,500 in Art Equipment) again but I am not sad this time. I had the opportunity to be all set up again and learn where I really want to take Ceramic Tattoo Art this next time when I re-open in about 6 months. I found out I like to tattoo/carve on clay a lot more than throwing on the wheel. I really like to drape rolled out clay around this $4.00 plastic manikin and tattoo and carve on it. 

I have my tattoo machines and all my hand tools. All I will need is to buy a kiln and I am back in Biz.. I will be getting on SSI in a bout 4-6 months now and I will try and get on some low income housing in Santa Barbara. My dream is still alive and well and in my heart. I will see it come out and be successful. I have learned another thing about being in shity So. Ca. (specifically El Shitty Cajon) - In order to do your best art you need to be happy. I am most happy in Santa Barbara and this is where I need to be to be most creative. It is not about the equipment it is about expressing oneself. It is about baring your soul to the world. I can still do that with my websites and other artistic adventures I can think up on my travels. I am not loosing anything, I am going home and in style this time with a insulated van/home. I am so fortunate, I am a single white male with really no responsibilities other than to be good to myself and others and enjoy life and that is exactly what I am going to do this time. I am not going to be homeless in Santa Barbara because I am not. I am looking forward to going back to my daily gym shower and swimming every day. I am looking forward to gardening in front of the Vets clinic (cuz she saved Charbies life) and I love to garden - win/win. I am looking forward to taking California Homeless Resources to the next level and get on the news. I am looking forward to going my wonderful AA Meetings. I am looking forward to meditating and being with God on my beach. Oh Charby the "Road Kitty" can;t wait to get back on the road as well... 

I am looking forward to being with people I love and nice people that like to be where they are in the most gorgeous place on earth. So here's to another wild adventure.. :)

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  1. Kudos on following your heart, Matt! Recognizing that one can be of service every single day just by BEING (even something as small as a smile, can save a person's life), is a huge bit of enlightenment.


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