The two weeks from HELL!

Ya good old "camping"... The two weeks of hell! I have not had this kind of bad freekin luck in a long ass time! I got ready to leave El (crappy) Cajon in San Diego a couple weeks ago and move back into my van again and this is when the NIGHTMARE began. First I sell a perfectly good Toyota Camry for another 1990 Ford Econo Line (gas sucking) van. I bought it for $800.00 and thought I would give it a oil change, Tune up and get it smogged. So I buy the van and bring it home and the very next day the manager of the park I managed tows the freekin van. I had to pay $350.00 to get it out of jail. He said sorry I thought it was a drug dealers car... Fuck that he knew it was mine. Even if he did not know it was mine he should have helped me pay to get it out of impound. Whatever, so I get it out and the next day Try to take it down to get smogged and they say that it has to go to a "Star Test only station". This is twice as much as a regular smog... $80.00 so I take it to this place and the guy says it does not pass smog. I said OK what do I have to do to get it to pass? He says "it is like going to the hospital throwing up and asking the doc what is wrong"? I said well what do I do?He said you should have taken it to a "certified smog station" where they can diagnose it too. I said so you just basically stole $80.00 then and we got into it... Cops were called after I threatened to kill him.. I found out later a full on APB bullshit was on for me and my van.. Anyway, the smog guy ended up STEALING my pink slip for the van. Cops came and he lied to them. The next morning I am driving to the smog place again to try and get another one done and go get the dam thing registered. I am leaving Walmart about 8:00AM in the morning after buying another sleeping bag for the van cuz I know it is going to be bone freezing cold.. and what happens is a cop pulls me over. She (Mexican) cop says you can't drive this car. You need to go to the DMV after I told her that I was on my way to get it smogged so I could get it registered. She wrote me two tickets - One for no tags and one for no insurance She said no get out of the van and I am going to tow it. She kicks me out on the street with my cat and a backpack and tows the van. I spend another $375.00 getting it out of jail the second time in one week! Mind you I had everything in the van that I owned in the world and she knew that I was just going homeless again. NICE police woman RIGHT... So I finally get the van out (took all day and lots of money I did not have. I go to my Dads house and spend the night on the way out of town and barfly make it there cuz the van is having mechanical problems (fuel pump). I go to the mechanic next morning and spend another $250.00 and it still does not pass smog! He did not tell me about the rear fuel pump until I was driving out. I get 3/4 of the way to Santa Barbara and the van dies on the freeway. I call and have to have my friend use her 100 mile tow to get it the rest of the way to Santa Barbara. I then have top spend the night in a hotel room with money I don;t have for 2 nights until I can get the van running and spending more money I don't have. Van stil does not pass smog - needs another $600+ dollars... The next day in Goleta a cop pulls me over and gives me a ticket for talking on my cell phone. The day before I lose my wallet!!! So over $1,000, 3 tickets, 2 impounds, lost wallet, colder than hell (32 degrees at night in the van) I am here back in Goleta the "goodland" JESUS! Anyway, I am here and I am going to make some shit happen. I got 2 e-mails from clients that want urns (of course after I have to sell everything to get back here). I just put an ad in Craig';s for some shared studio space.. I got a job telemarketing for a credit card processing company to hold me over till I can get my SSI hearing court trial in June. I should get some decent back pay and get a steady source of income/medical insur. Today was much better and I sure as hell the tides ore turning cuz this wave almost killed me!!!

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