Another Homeless Night at Denny's... Tim with 4 Hungry Kids and a Wife...

Denny's:  Yes it is another gorgeous day in Goleta Ca. and I am Denny's blogging :) There is a sense of comfort here for me and some other people I see here every day. I sleep here most nights. I sleep right next to a gal in a older Camero and some other "campers" or un-housed people. I have it so good and so much better than a lot of homeless. Denny's has comfy seating and it is kinda dark and open 24 hours a night. It is kinda like you are in your home. The computer has given me a sense of comfort too. The computer is one of my most important possessions/weapons because I use it for looking for work, web design to make money and to help people. The cell phone is of course the other. These are the only thing that can really provide me with comfort because it gives me hope and allows me to "escape" for a while or Blog and feel that my voice is heard or go on Facebook and connect with my friends.  

Tim with 4 Hungry Kids and a Wife:  WOW! This is why I spent so much time and am so blessed to have had the inspiration to complete California Homeless Resources! I just got off the phone  with a new friend "Tim" he has 4 hungry kids and just moved his family here last month from Colorado to get to a warmer location. He called me today while I was at work and asked me for some help. He said his kids are hungry and he just moved here and is staying in San Demis Ca. He is also disabled form the Military and it is hard to find work. He does not have Internet so I told him I would call him back tonight and give him a bunch of info./numbers to call and get help. I will be "his intranet" for tonight. How easy is that and what a help I can be to this poor guy. He has his cell paid up til the end of the month and I told him this is his best tool and to use the shit out of it to get help! He is a veteran so I told him this is "Urban Survival" and the phone/computer are your weapons! His computer just took a crap last week too.. His family is two sisters in Michigan and they don;t even have food money to send him and they are both renting a room. I told him I would be his Internet for a few weeks if he needs it. I would love to help this guy out as MUCH as POSSIBLE! This guy is a vet with four kids! He gets $500.00 a month and that is it! Lets raise some $$$ for Tim. If anyone wants to give PLEASE do so and I will get you in touch with him personally and you can send the money directly to a vet in need. Lets take care of our own! 

Caught in the Middle:  I heard that the most populated demographic of homeless here in Ca. is a 43 year old male. That makes sense given the current help available to a male versus a woman or a woman with kids. I realized that I am kind of in the middle (like a lot of homeless). There is an increasing population of middle management/young professionals like myself here that are running out of unemployment and are going to have to be homeless, or go "camping" in there vehicle. That is the main reason/inspiration why I made California Homeless Resources.  I wanted to help the young professional in the middle. We are the people you don't see. We are the people at Denny's late at night ALONE and we are the ones that leave quietly at night, get in the car/van, put something on the window and go to sleep. Get up and go to the gym and take a shower and then spend all day looking for work. People "SEE" the homeless in the park and the people that have lost everything and are congregating with other people that have lost everything. If you can retain a car you have hope to stay in the middle until you possibly get a job and come back to living. The people that loose there cars are the people that have gone all the way down and they need people around them to help them emotionally. They have NOTHING. They have there feet (if they are not handicap) and they have to fight for everything at that point. This is the point when a lot of people just give up. I can imagine (I almost went all the way down a few times this last couple of years). That is why I want to get rid of this stigmatising that "homeless" can not really get access to the intranet. I need to work on getting this message out! I was being interviewed this week by a newspaper. (trying to get PR for site) and this gal asked me - well homeless can only get on the net in the library right? I said NO! They are sitting in the parking lots of McDonald's, Denny's, etc... trying to get on the net to look for work and find help. I was sitting in McDonald's Parking lot when she called to interview me. I think this will be one of my main messages from now on. We (the people caught in the middle) that have a car and a computer that they are hanging on to for all it is worth to try and keep that hope of finding a job and getting out of the situation. It can be VERY lonely being in the middle. You have to stay under the radar and not make waves. You have to constantly look for cops, etc... You are constantly worried that the car is going to break down or something will happen that will bring you all the way down. VERY SCARY...
Ceramic Tattoo Art and Networking:  For me personally I am doing fantabulous! I am getting some PR for California Homeless Resources :))) I just made a new friend (Tim). I spent 3 hours this week and got like 3 news papers to do a story on the site. Here is the link to one of them:  This tells me this is my mission for the next year to get this dam thing out to as many people as I possibly can! So I got a job at a call center as a customer service rep :) I am working about 25 hours a week and waiting for my full disability to go through in may or June. I also got a job at a 50 unit Senior Complex in Santa Barbara to manage :))) I got a web site that I will be doing tomorrow for a very cool lady here in Goleta that is coming out with a RAD product that goes with my Ceramic Tattoo art site. I am working out in the gym and getting healthy again :))) I am being me and talking to people to try and build my network for both sites. My life is GREAT right now and I am looking forward to this year. 

Questions/Comments:  Please give me your ideas for a "hook" or something to grab the news agencies. I want to get some MAJOR PR for California Homeless Resources so the "people in the Middle" can get the help they need to get up and out! Please help by posting this BLOG and the site info to your Facebook, Twitter, etc... Lets get the word out!  Lets HELP TIM! Call me anytime at:  805-765-113 or e-mail me: and I will put you in touch with Tim so we can help him and his 4 kids out. 

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